Behind the Nature Comms paper: Jonas Joos on infrared LEDs

(07-10-2020) A comprehensive introduction to our recent publication on "Broadband infrared LEDs based on europium-to-terbium charge transfer luminescence".

Jonas J. Joos has written a blogpost on infrared LEDs for spectroscopy applications, which he could realize with the use of cooperating lanthanide ions. In the accompanying paper evidence is provided, both by experimental results as by quantum mechanical calculations, for a Eu-to-Tb charge transfer state in calcium sulfide which gives rise to a broad emission band, ranging from the deep red to the near-infrared. The prepared CaS:Eu2+,Tb3+ phosphor was applied into a broadband IR emitting LED. An eye-catching bandwidth of 430 nm is achieved at a radiant power of 38 mW. These figures surpass the current state-of-the-art, such that dopant-to-dopant-charge-transfer IR luminescence is a promising pathway towards efficient broadband IR LEDs.