Botanical garden

Arboretum winterzichtThis website offers information on the Botanical Garden and its functioning. The Botanical Garden is adjacent to the Citadel Park in Ghent (Belgium). More than 10 000 plant species thrive on the 2.75 ha site.

Stop by and visit the garden to get to know extraordinary plants, to learn about plants and their relation to mankind, or to enjoy a quiet stroll in a delightful setting.

  • Visiting: Find out what the Botanical Garden has to offer and when you can visit it.
  • Collections: The Botanical Garden is an ex situ biodiversity collection of about 10000 plant species. It contains a herbarium and a seed collection. Institutions can order from our Index Seminum.

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  • Education: School classes and students are welcome to discover the marvels of the plant kingdom.
  • Research: As part of Ghent University the Botanical Garden is a major resource for scientific research
  • Facilities: The Botanical Garden organises many events and provides various services.
  • Partners & support: The Botanical Garden reunites numerous partners and volunteers who share a keen interest for all things botanical.


06-01-2020 The garden is open to the public. For visits to the greenhouses please make a reservation here.

22-12-2020 In case of heavy wind (code yellow or orange) the garden will be closed.