Learning path counsellor


Beata De Vliegher
Learning path counsellor
Tel: +32 9 264 50 53

e-mail: Beata.DeVliegher@UGent.be

For whom?

All students of the Faculty of Science can direct their questions related to their study to the learning path counsellor.


Information about ...

Feedback about ...

  • study progress, study skills, examination results
  • study method and study planning

Confidential counselling

  • study advice: analysis of the study results, study attitude, planning and time management,
  • for students who are at odds with their studies because of personal distress
  • change of study subject or study stop

 Referring to other support services

  • the study counsellors, professors and assistents in case of course related questions
  • the consultants of the Student Counselling Office in case of major problems with study attitude and functional study skills
  • the medical service for students
  • the ombudspersons of the faculty in case of complaint
  • ...