We offer

Services to the food industry

  • Testings, demos and trainings on our machines and technology
  • Advice in the interpretation of research results
  • Support in the development of project applications

We can help you to tackle several challenges in the food processing industry.


  • Fermentation of food products;
  • Bioactivity screening (antimicrobial, antioxidative and enzyme inhibiting activities);
  • Risk assessment: estimation of microbial and chemical hazards;
  • Microbial analysis in food and process water in food systems (pathogens, spoilage organisms, yeasts and molds);
  • In vitro digestion studies to evaluate bioavailability of food components;
  • Enzyme activity measurements and enzymatic testing in food systems;
  • Influencing factors on biofilm formation and removal of existing biofilms;
  • Advice on new applications for by-products/side streams in the food industry.


  • Reuse of process water and associated disinfection;
  • Correct use of disinfectants in washing water of the vegetable and potato processing industry;
  • Advice on the optimal technique for removal of pesticides from water in the food processing industry.


Our expertises:

  • food microbiology
  • vegetable (water) processing technology
  • fermentation technology

We aim to

  • reduce water and energy consumption;
  • limit produced side streams and if possible, valorize them;
  • optimize food safety and food quality.

Our research is based on a circular economy approach. We aim to maximize the valorization of by-products and side streams that are generated during food processing.


Bachelor and Master of Science in Circular Bioprocess Technology

In this programme, our students learn to develop new biobased processes for the production and biorefining of healthy food ingredients and chemicals, and of biofuels and other green fuels. The programme is taught in Dutch.

Master of Science in Sustainable Food Packaging

This master programme brings sustainability, food and packaging together. It addresses the question how we can keep food safe and preserve it for the required shelf-life, with food packaging systems that are sustainable and balance the ecological footprint with ensuring access to high quality food and maintaining profitable food supply chains.

The MSc in Sustainable Food Packaging delivers experts in sustainable food packaging systems and prepares students to design and optimise a food packaging system with a conscious and critical choice of resources and production methods, while at the same time considering the corporate or organisational culture, its mission and vision, and the broad socio-economic context.