UGent @ Work seminarie #1

19-01-2021 van 11:30 tot 13:00
Door wie
Brecht Neyt

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11.30h–11.55h Presentation Elias Janssen
11.55h–12.05h Feedback Filip De Fruyt (discussant)
12.05h–12.15h Feedback other attendees

12.15h–12.40h Presentation Peter Vlerick
12.40h–13.00h Feedback other attendees

Presentation Elias Janssen

Title: Unraveling the complex relation between career success and career crafting: Exploring curvilinearity and the moderating role of learning value of the job

Authors: Drs. Elias Janssen (Universiteit Gent), prof. dr. Beatrice van der Heijden (Radboud University, Universiteit Gent), dr. Jos Akkermans (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), prof. dr. Mieke Audenaert (Universiteit Gent)

Abstract: While scholars have devoted considerable attention to proactive career behaviours, little is known about the drivers behind these behaviours. In this contribution, we build on conservation of resources theory and literature on proactive work behaviours to explore curvilinearity in the relationships between (objective and subjective) career success and career crafting among 702 teachers. Furthermore, we explore whether learning value of the job moderates these relationships. A U-shaped curvilinear relationship was found between subjective career success perceptions and the proactive career reflection dimension of career crafting, as subjective career success was most strongly positively related to proactive career reflection at low and high levels of subjective career success. Moreover, employees who reported moderate-to-high levels of subjective career success exhibited more career crafting behaviours when the learning value of their job was perceived to be high rather than low. Our findings indicate that HR practitioners should monitor and act on the perceived career success of their employees in order to foster their career proactivity, as perceived career success relates to proactive career behaviours.

Discussant: Filip De Fruyt

Slides: available on request (

Presentation Peter Vlerick

Title: How work and organizational psychology can contribute in tackling jointly work related problems: Examples and learning points

Abstract: In his presentation Prof. Peter Vlerick (Ghent University) will demonstrate how a multidisciplinary and even an interdisciplinary approach is often needed and fruitful in answer of work related problems which our society, economy and the business world is facing. In particular he will focus on the added value of theories and methods prevailing in the academic field of work and organizational psychology. Examples will be derived from finished and still ongoing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work related doctoral dissertations which he has been (co-)supervising at Ghent University, bridging boundaries across disciplines such as psychology, medicine and health sciences, (bio-)engineering, law and economics. In this seminar, he will briefly describe the 'genesis' of these theses and the process of collaboration between faculties.

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