We are still setting up the lab so our equipment is currently very limited; We will update the page as soon as new tools arrive.

How to use the equipment

  • If you want to use the equipment, please contact one of the staff members before doing so. 
  • We provide the tools, you provide the materials. In some cases we sell some materials as well.
  • Clean up after you use the equipment and mention any problems with the equipment as soon as possible.

Basic prototyping

We have lots of cardboard and tools such as cutters, glue, tape, etc that you can use for basic prototyping. These are free to use.

We also have an A3 laminating machine.

Cutting vinyl

We have a vinyl cutting machine that can cut sheets of vinyl of up to 60 cm width. The cutter is connected to a computer on which you can log in with your Ghent University account. The software to use the printer is installed on the machine (Graphtec Studio).

The file you want to print needs to be a vector eps file. With the software you can also create basic stickers (like text) in the software itself. 

We have some vinyl and transfer foil available for sale, but you can bring your own vinyl as well.