House rules

  • wearing a mask when walking around is mandatory, just as regularly washing your hands
  • rearranging furniture is not allowed, except in the classroom
  • clean your working area or table before and after each use

Our space is free to use but we expect visitors and residents to follow our simple and easy house rules:

  • You are free to move furniture around in the different spaces, but put it back to its default state when you leave. The bookable rooms have a checklist for returning the room to its default state. In other spaces you can put it back as you found it.
  • Put your used cups and glasses in our dishwasher. When the dishwasher is full with clean dishes, put them back on the shelves. You can turn the dishwasher on if you want. 
  • Throw away used post-its, papers, garbage, etc. Clean the used whiteboards or chalk boards when you leave. 
  • Talk to each other and share your experiences. You can learn a lot from each other!