Wanted: student projects

Every academic year Ghent University hosts several project courses in which students come in contact with external stakeholders such as users, companies and organizations. It is not always easy for professors to find these projects, which is why we bundle the search. This year, The Foundry organizes a call for projects that will match the projects with the right courses.

The Foundry is a space and initiative of Ghent University to stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We help students to search solutions for real problems and to co-create these solutions together with different stakeholders. If possible, we help the students to create quick prototypes to get more feedback from the users.  

Type of projects

We are looking for open ended projects, with no expected end result. The projects require the students to think about a creative, innovative or entrepreneurial solution, preferably for a societal problem.

The projects can be products or services that need to be developed from the start, (technical) prototypes that need to be created and / or projects for which a business or marketing plan needs to be made. Other tasks are possible too.


The students provide a new and external view on the project and are not limited by the boundaries that your employees might already have. This allows the solutions to be more disruptive.

The students that contribute to the project learn to know your organization and you get to know the students as well. After the project, it is possible to hire one or more students for a (summer) job or for an internship.

The students are coached by professors and assistants of Ghent University and receive tailored advice.


  • Before August 7: send your project proposal to jolien.coenraets@ugent.be
  • Halfway August: your receive an e-mail with the contact details of the professors of the courses that might be a match. If you are interested you should contact the professors yourself.
  • 25/9 – 16/12: teaching activities of the first semester
  • 12/2 – 19/5: teaching activities of the second semester


Ghent University makes no commitment that any result will be delivered or that students will participate in the project. You can submit a project but we cannot guarantee that we will find students to work on it. If students do work on the project we cannot guarantee that the result will be satisfactory. Of course we do our best to prevent this.                    

You do not need to pay to let students work on this project. However we do request that smaller expenses needed to execute the project will be paid by you (such as materials to create a prototype, travel costs, etc.). The costs will be discussed before they are made.

We expect that organizations that submit a project are engaged in the project. We strongly believe in co-creation processes where the organization is one of the stakeholders. In most cases 2 or 3 meetings per semester will be enough.

IP agreements can be made upfront in case this is needed.


In previous years the students developed tailor-made solutions for disabled people, they made apps for governments, designed games to teach sustainability to children, made business plans for startups and many more.

PDF to share

Spread the word and send the PDF to interested organizations.

Results for 2017 - 2018

Take a look at the results for 2017 - 2018.