The Foundry & DO! are looking for volunteers

The Foundry & DO! are looking for young potentials that want to get work experience!



Are looking for a chance to pimp your resume and to show that you can handle responsibility?

Do you love to be surrounded by people with wild ideas and crazy plans? 

Do you want to help us to support those people and to let them flourish?

Three times yes? It is time to become a volunteer at The Foundry & DO!

We offer an inspiring and entrepreneurial environment with lots of chances to learn and positive feedback to grow your talents. Experience is not needed but a big portion of enthusiasm is. 

We are looking for support with the following tasks:

  • Management of The Foundry (meanwhile you can work on your own project or group work)
  • Organisation of events and helping hands
  • Marketing and social media managers
  • Artistic people for making illustrations, posters, movies, photoshoots, ...
  • People with writing skills for content creation, blogs, website, translations, ...
  • ....

Interested? Send an e-mail to Jolien ().