IOF calls for projects

New projects

New IOF-project applications have to be announced to the IOF-project department, after which the application form will be made available.

An intake meeting prior to submission is mandatory. The involved stakeholders (ZAP, IOF and the TechTransfer department) are invited to this meeting.
Besides a short introduction on the technology, this meeting serves to check the optimal funding track, and to identify potential issues towards the evaluation. 


Call Advanced Stepstone


Defense IOF council First start date
March 2022 10/03/2022 25/04/2022 24/05/2022 14/06/2022 15/07/2022
June 2022 9/06/2022 8/08/2022 25/08/2022 20/09/2022 15/10/2022
September 2022 5/09/2022 24/10/2022 22/11/2022 13/12/2022 15/01/2023


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