Research team Know & Predict IT wins Venture Track prize of Expedition DO!

(10-11-2021) A professional jury chose Steven Mertens as one of the three winners of the Ghent University start-up program Expedition DO!

From research ro innovation

Expedition DO!.PNGWith Know & Predict IT, researcher Steven Mertens developed a solution that helps employees and specialists navigate through the software they use every day. In this way, passive software is converted into active software that makes work life easier and creates space for other tasks. The first application focus is on the health sector.

With this Venture Track prize, Steven can now really start the establishment of his Ghent University spin-off thanks to the further guidance of the Venture Track Team at UGent TechTransfer.

Student teams also collect prizes from Expedition DO!

Students Wouter Janssen and Tiebe Parmentier want to use ( to help companies and governments lose less time on their mailboxes by means of Natural Language Processing.

Gutsy unites students Achilles Hannecart and Jack Lathouwers. Together they want to start a sustainable revolution of insect-based pet food.

For the hard work on their start-up idea, the winning teams, Know & Predict IT, and Gutsy, will be rewarded next month with an inspiring visit to Slush in Helsinki where they can further expand their entrepreneurial network. In addition, they received additional prizes from the Ghent coworking hub Kohezie, and from UGent TechTransfer.

The public was also allowed to have their say and chose Hay Health with (alumni) students Niels Vermeire and Caydie Van Brabant as the public's favourite. A Voka Bryo trajectory is linked to this for the young entrepreneurs.

About Expedition DO!

Expedition DO! supports enterprising UGent students and researchers to go from idea to business in 7 months. Expedition DO! 2021 was supported by Upkot, Liantis, Birdhouse & Belfius. The next edition starts in March, registrations open on February 1.

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