Study-OO’s for new students

Update 23 November: 

Nine Study-OO areas have been set up at Flanders Expo and these can be reserved by the contact person from each faculty. In the Study-OO's, wearing a mask is compulsory for all attendees.

Study-OO: a permanent study area for first-bachelor students

We are particularly mindful of arrangements for students who are coming to Ghent University for the first time. This includes first-year students, linking students (on a 'schakel' programme), and new international students. Students in the first bachelor year will be divided into smaller study groups, and each group will get its own StudyCoach: a personal tutor and mentor who helps students find their way and can help answer any questions.

For students on courses which don't have many practice sessions, Ghent University is setting up permanent areas where they can go with their study groups, called "Study-OO" (Study Online On Campus). These are places where first bachelor students can follow interactive lessons together online, and collaborate on assignments, exercises, and preparations. They can also get coaching there and some groups will have practice sessions or exercises.

Location: Flanders Expo

Download the plan below and see which entrance to take. Once you are in the building you will find signposts that point the way to your Study-OO.

It concerns groups between 20 and 50 students The size of the group depends on the choice of study programme.

We choose to make the study groups as heterogeneous as possible. So there will be little freedom to choose which group you are in, the faculty will classify the groups. The intention is that you will be able to develop new and enriching contacts.

No, we cannot oblige you to use the Study-OO. If there are no activities where your presence is required, you can choose whether or not to attend the Study-OOO. However, we strongly recommend it, it will be a place where you can meet the students of your study group, take online lessons together, do assignments together or study together. And maybe you'll make some good friends right away!

A study group is assigned a Study-OO location for the whole academic year, which they can use to get together.

The StudyCoach is a master's student and will be the contact point of your study group. The StudyCoach will come to the study group from time to time, will help you on your way as a new student, can be a listening ear and can refer you to the right services if you have any questions.

No, the StudyCoach does not do individual counselling, but detects needs and refers you to the appropriate counselling services within UGent. Moreover, at UGent you have a monitor in every faculty with study and route counsellors. They take all kinds of initiatives to make studying easier and more efficient.

    Practical info

    In a Study-OO you can have lessons, study, work and relax together with your regular study group. Other groups will also be using the space, so together we will have to do everything we can to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. You should therefore be prepared for further announcements or arrangements.

    From 26 October 2020, UGent will switch to code red and students in the Study-OOs have to wear a facemask, not only when moving but also when sitting down. Students use their own facemask.

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