Transition to “Code Red without Practicals” from 29 October to 30 November 2020.

Update 30/10/2020:

The government announced the following (quote from a message to the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), the Flemish Colleges Council (VLHORA) and the Flemish Association of Students (VVS)):
  • From Friday evening 30 October until Monday 30 November, only distance learning is allowed in higher education. There is only one exception to this rule: in the nursing, midwifery, medicine, dentistry and physical therapy programmes (including advanced courses), practice classes, skills training and internships remain possible.
  • For internships, the institutions follow the guidelines of the sector concerned. They make agreements with the employers concerned for the period from 30 October to 30 November.
  • Any planned evaluation moments will be postponed or digitally organized until 30 November. 
  • From Tuesday 1 December, higher education will continue in code red. From then on, contact education will be possible for first-year students and during practice classes.


All study and work locations, Study-OO's and libraries will be closed until the 30th of November. Ghent University will continue to provide study and work locations for students who do not have suitable space at home to study or to take online classes. Students who wish to use one of these locations can send a motivated request to .


What Are the Particulars?

Lectures and Teaching Activities in Large Groups

  • These teaching activities can no longer take place on campus and will be replaced by online and/or distance teaching.
  • Lecturers can either teach from home, or can record and stream their lectures in an empty lecture hall on campus.

Teaching Activities in Small Groups and Group Work

  • Teaching activities in small groups and group work in the context of a lecture can no longer take place on campus.
  • within the timeframe concerned, lecturers may organize (online) alternatives that attain (part of) the same competencies.  


  • Practicals, tutorials, (lab) exercises, etc… cannot take place on campus between 29 October and 30 November 2020.  
  • Alternative assignments that can be carried out through distance teaching may be set up. The student's workload may not be increased.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

  • The impact on Bachelor’s and Master’s theses is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • It is up to students and their supervisor(s) to determine whether or not research activities in the context of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis that require physical presence on Ghent University campuses can continue.
  • In case of problems, students and their supervisor(s) look for alternatives together.

Work Placement

  • Work placement can continue in observance of the host company’s safety measures.
  • A work placement can also be organized as a type of teleworking.
  • Alternative work placement assignments are possible only if the study programme competencies are not compromised.

Study and Work Places, Study OOs and Libraries

  • From 29 October till 30 November 2020, all study and work places, Study OOs and libraries will remain closed.
  • Ghent University will continue to provide study and work places to those students who have no suitable place to study or to take online classes at home. If you wish to use such a study place, please send a reasoned e-mail to .
  • A reservation system will be introduced from mid-November.
  • First-year students working in study groups supervised by Study Coaches will be able to continue to do so online.  
  • Libraries will make the transition to online services.

Continuous Assessment  

  • Continuous assessment cannot take place on campus until 30 November.

Excursions, Travelling and Events

  • Day trips, excursions, events and student travelling cannot take place.

Student Houses and Student Restaurants

  • All Ghent Univerity’s student houses will remain open. The student restaurants will continue to offer takeaway catering.

Coaching and Services for Students

  • We realize that these exceptional circumstances are causing students to have a difficult time during this academic year. We want to continue to offer them our support. The website Feeling good at Ghent University contains several warm initiatives, both at and in the immediate surroundings of Ghent University. We want to make sure that students know which way to turn no matter how small or ‘innocent’ their issue may seem. That way, we hope that our students will not be at a loss when they need help. 
  • Services for students, both at faculty level as well as at university level (tutorial services such as study (track) counselling , the Student Counselling Office, the Registrar’s Office, Social Services, …) remain accessible, albeit entirely online.

Questions or Remarks?

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