2020-2021 Academic year: Corona guidelines for students

The academic year 2020-2021 looks a little different from other years. Nevertheless, we want to organise as many lessons and activities on campus as possible. In order for things to run as much as possible like normal, a few measures are in place both within Ghent University buildings and in other locations. Below you can find a handy summary of this information.

Lessons during corona

Each room can hold fewer students than normal due to corona. For this reason, additional venues such as Flanders Expo, the Ghelamco Arena and the Urbis complex are also being used. The same rules apply at all locations.

Wash your hands

You will find hand gel stations at the entrance to every Ghent University building. You can also find these in other locations such as libraries. You should clean your hands every time you enter and leave a building or other location.


Anyone who enters the buildings of Ghent University is required to wear a facemask. You should always be sure to have your own mask in your pocket when you go to class.

When you enter the classroom you also have to wear a mask. In code orange the mask should also be worn during the lesson if you are taking a lesson in an auditorium at an occupancy rate of 1 to 5, in smaller groups with an occupancy of 1 to 2 or if you are in a practice session or lab. In those circumstance, the distance between students is about 1 metre which makes it necessary for everyone to wear a mask to minimise the chance of infection.
The only circumstances when you do not have to wear a mask are if you are sitting down at a fixed place in a study place when a distance of 1.5 meters between all students is guaranteed. As soon as you stand up and walk around the room, you must wear a mask again.
This is the only way for us to work together to ensure that contacts between students have a low risk of contamination.

Teachers who are able to keep a distance of at least 2 metres between themselves and the front row of students can also take off their masks during class. If a teacher leaves the room or walks around class, amongst students, and therefore cannot keep a distance of 1.5m, they must wear their mask.

Copies of the health and safety measures are displayed in every room, so please consult these if in doubt.

As of October 26, 2020, Ghent University will switch to code red and to online education as much as possible.

In Ghent, you must wear a face mask in the city centre and in busy student neighbourhoods. Not sure if that applies to your street? Check this plan of The City of Ghent. In some parts of Merelbeke and Kortrijk you also have to wear a mask. Watch out! Check the local guidelines regularly, as they can change quickly.

Physical distancing

If you can't keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people, you have to wear a face mask. Physical distancing is the norm everywhere, both in the buildings of Ghent University and in spaces outside such as around the bicycle stands or car parks.

If you want to chat with your fellow students before or after class, you should keep at least 1 metre apart, always keep your masks on, and do not make physical contact with each other. You can only take off your masks when you're 1.5 metres apart. Try to also follow these guidelines during social activities outside University buildings, or if you have a meal together, as doing so will give you and your friends the best chance to avoid getting infected and spreading the disease further.

Please arrive on time – but not too early – for your classes. This will allow you to easily make your way to the classroom in accordance with all safety instructions.

Ventilation of classrooms

Ensuring a good airflow in each room is an important factor in preventing contamination. After each lesson, the classroom must be ventilated. Copies of the health and safety measures are displayed outside every teaching room. Please read them carefully before entering the room and follow these guidelines strictly.
Each room will also have a sign displaying the maximum length of time that a lesson may last, and how long it takes to ventilate the classroom:

  • Rooms with a reduced ventilation system are rated 1 star. In these rooms, a lesson can last up to one hour. This must be followed by a period of 30 minutes ventilation. In these rooms all windows and doors must be opened during the ventilation period.
  • Rooms with a better ventilation system get two stars. A lesson in these rooms can last up to 2.5 hours. This must be followed by 30 minutes of ventilation.
  • Premises that cannot be properly ventilated will not be used.
  • Please note that it can get very cold in the buildings during winter. An extra sweater or thick jacket will be required on cold days.


All rooms are cleaned daily. Specific rules apply for disinfecting PC classes: all students must disinfect the PC they are working on both before and after use.

Feeling ill?

You should stay home if you feel ill, and consult a doctor by phone.

Care for others

As a student in Ghent and Kortrijk, you will come into contact with many other students, so you'll run a higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus. At your age you will probably not notice this infection but you can transmit the virus to others. It is therefore recommended to limit the risk of this transmission by being particularly careful in contacts with older generations. Be sure to keep your distance, respect hand hygiene and, if necessary, wear a mouth mask.

Take responsibility and take care of the older generations. We are counting on you!