Bayer Forward Farming Chair

A pioneering agricultural model

The world’s population keeps growing, as does the need to provide food, while the amount of land available for agriculture and natural resources is becoming ever more limited. Moreover, there are also numerous societal expectations and strict environmental requirements in relation to this. Belgian agriculture also comes under pressure to fulfil these requirements. The solution is to be found in an integrated agricultural model that is economically stable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. And, naturally, this kind of agricultural model requires research and innovation.


The objectives of the chair are to:

  • Gather scientific insights into sustainable agricultural practices through the optimal integration of natural resources (e.g. water, earth, biodiversity) with knowledge, innovation, and technology;
  • Communicate this knowledge to agricultural sector stakeholders such as business leaders and policy makers;
  • Encourage research into innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture and agro-industry, and research ways to eliminate factors that hinder innovation.


Bayer Cropscience




Prof. Marc Van MeirvenneProf. Marc Van Meirvenne
Department of Environment, head of the Soil Spatial Inventory Techniques Research group

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