Graduation Ceremony Master of Science in Advanced Research in Criminology : 25 September 2021

Start at 10 AM

(registration link at the bottom of this page)

It is of utmost importance that you, as a graduate, register your attendance (the registration link is at the bottom of this page). If you fail to do so, we will not be able to admit you to the ceremony for organizational reasons. Considering the livestreaming, each attendee will receive a numbered seat in advance. We cannot make any last minute arrangements.
You are allowed to bring a maximum of 2 guests to the ceremony. On the registration link below, you can indicate whether you come alone or with guests. Only the number of guests indicated in the registration can attend the ceremony at the UFO.
By registering for the graduation ceremony, you agree that you and your guests will be filmed on the livestream.


Doors open 1 hour before the start of the ceremony.
Upon your arrival, you and your guests should register at the reception desk.
We advise you to arrive on time in order to avoid long queues at the entrance and to have enough time left for your graduation photo. The reception desk closes 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Reception desk and Covid-safe control

The Covid-safe control takes place at the reception desk.
The Covid Safe Ticket is a requirement for each attendee. This means that each attendee must present proof of full vaccination, a recent negative PCR test or proof of recovery. Your identity will also be verified.
Make sure that you and your guests have the necessary documents with them:

  •  Your Covid-safe certificate with QR code in the Covid-safe app on your smartphone or the printed certificate with QR code;
  • Your identity card.

If, for any reason, you cannot present a Covid Safe Ticket, or cannot prove your identity, we will have to deny you access to the building. It would be a shame to miss this important event because your smartphone is still on the kitchen table or the battery is flat.
Rapid tests on site are NOT possible.
At the reception desk, graduates will be given the number of the seat reserved for them in the auditorium.

Graduation gown

After the Covid-safe check, graduates should take the grand stairs to the ground floor of the UFO. The people of protocol will be there to provide them with a gown. After the proclamation, graduates must return their gown there.
The gown comes with a cap, which you may take home afterwards as a souvenir. Attached to the cap is a tassel: you should hang this tassel to the left of your face when entering the auditorium. Later on in the ceremony you will do a special act with it, but what that involves, is a surprise.

In the auditorium: mouth mask and seat

Since everyone attending the proclamation is Covid-safe, you may take your mouth mask off as soon as you are seated in the auditorium.
Obviously, you are free to keep your mouth mask on during the ceremony.
You should enter the auditorium through the side entrance. Here, you will have the opportunity to have a picture taken in your gown by a photographer. Pictures can be viewed and downloaded afterwards on the UGhent website.
In the auditorium, you take your place in the section reserved for graduates, at the seat number which has been assigned to you. This allows the cameramen of the streaming to know where you are sitting: when your name is called out, you will be prominently featured.
Your guests enter the auditorium through the central entrance, and take place in the section that is reserved for them.
Hosts and hostesses in the auditorium will show you and your guests around.

Watching the ceremony from home

The following link allows family and friends to watch the graduation ceremony live from home:

(Please note that registration is not required to attend the graduation ceremony online)

I register for the graduation ceremony