Policy preparing and sustaining research

Policy orientated research

From the beginning (1982) the Centre was strongly involved in policy orientated environmental law  research. In this respect specially  mention should be given to the work (1989-1995) of the Inter University Committee for the Revision of the Environmental Law in the Flemish Region (ICHM), (Voorontwerp van Decreet Milieubeleid, 1995).
A part of the results of this Committee has been valorised in the period 1993-1995, by the Flemish Region by adopting the following legislation:

  • The Decree on Environmental Policy Agreements,
  • The Revision of the Waste Management Decree
  • The Decree  on Soil Decontamination
  • The Decree containing general provisions concerning Environmental Policy
  • The Decree on Environmental Management within Companies

In the period 1999-2004 the Centre was intensively involved with updating several parts of the propositions of the ICHM on environmental permitting, enforcement and environmental taxes). The Centre drafted, together with the Maritime Institute, the Decree on integrated water management and produced an initial draft of a Nature Conservation Code.
Within the Centre a lot of know-how has been built up concerning the legal design of environmental policy instruments via research projects for different government levels, ranging from the EU (on waste management and environmental liability e.g.), over the federal (OECD Environmental Performance Review, implementation of the biocides, Seveso II or CITES regulations, codification of regulations concerning dangerous substances and preparations, ..)  and regional government (contributions to environmental status reports, various studies for the Water or Waste Management Agencies..) to provincial (on water course management) and local governments (on environmental management in harbour area’s).