Research Activities

The Centre for Environmental & Energy Law (the former Centre for Environmental Law) exists more than thirty years. It was founded in 1982 as the Information and Research Centre for Environmental Law (IOCM). It was first part of the department Civil Law, but since 1 March 2001 it is connected to the department Public Law and now to the Department of European, Public and International Law. The Centre works together with the Maritime Institute (Prof. Dr. F. Maes, Prof. Dr. A. Cliquet). It works also together regularly with the Centre for Sustainable Development [] and the Centre Environmental Science and Technology [], that is connected to the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.
The research in the Centre consists of doctoral research and other fundamental and applied legal research. It has led to numerous publications in the form of books, journal articles, research papers and congress papers.

The following PhDs were obtained by members of the Centre:

  • H. Bocken (De aansprakelijkheid als sanctie voor de verstoring van het leefmilieu “Liability for environmental dammages”- 1979)
  • L. Lavrysen (De ontwikkeling van het Europese, Belgische en Vlaamse Milieurecht in een wijzigende institutionele context  “The Development of European, Belgian and Flemish Environmental Law in a Changing Institutional Context- 1997)
  • G. Van Hoorick (Juridische aspecten van het natuurbehoud en de landschapszorg “Legal aspects of nature conservation and landschape protection” - 1999)
  • P. Vansant (De herstelmaatregel in het Vlaamse Decreet Ruimtelijke Ordening – “The restoration order in the Flemish Decree on Town and Country Planning - 2005)
  • C.M. Billiet (De bestuurlijke handhaving van het milieuhygiënerecht – Administrative Enforcement of Environmental Law - 2008)
  • O.Oluduro (Oil exploration and human rights violations in Nigeria's oil producing communities - 2012)
  • W. Xiang (Risk governance of GMOs in the EU and in China - 2013)
  • R. Meeus (De sanctionering door de lidstaten van inbreuken op het Europees milieurecht: tussen handhavingsnood en sanctieverplichtingen  “Sanctioning of violations of EU Environmental Law by the Member States”-2013);
  • O. F. Oluduro (Mitigating the effects of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa via an effective international legal standard: a case study of Nigeria- 2014)
  • F. Haentjens (Onderzoek naar de impact van de regelgeving inzake ruimtelijke ordening op de totstandkoming en de uitvoering van privaatrechtelijke overeenkomsten – 2015)

The research combines public and private law and has equal attention for environmental pollution, planning and biodiversity issues, the different stages of the regulation chain and the various levels of decision making. There is a special interest for enforcement issues. More on this issue van be found on the  Environmental LawForce website []. For a considerable period of time there is an intensified interest for land use planning law, cultural heritage law and animal protection law. The Centre serves also as chief editor and secretariat of the Belgian Environmental Law Journal "Tijdschrift voor Milieurecht", the Journal “ Tijdschrift voor Ruimtelijke Ordening en Stedenbouw”, and is involved in the editorial committee of the “Tijdschrift voor Omgevingsrecht en Omgevingsbeleid”.