17-03-2022 Ghent University researchers win ERC Consolidator Grant
01-03-2022 Final of the International Migration and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition: 18 March 2022
28-02-2022 Virologist Steven Van Gucht is the very first ‘Ghent University alumnus of the year’
22-11-2021 Young Academy is looking for outstanding scientists
29-10-2021 Ghent University researchers explain their research in a Twitter Thread
15-10-2021 Our faculty welcomes eight new FWO PhD fellows!
12-10-2021 Online Roundtable: Recognition of Punitive Damages Judgments’
12-10-2021 HCCH|Approach Global Event: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Child Protection Convention
07-10-2021 Everything you need to know about cyber security (but never dared to ask)!
30-09-2021 Professor Dr. Inge Govaere appointed by the European Commission as member of the expert panel assisting in the selection of arbitrators
21-09-2021 Call for Abstracts on Transnational Dispute Resolution in an increasingly digitalized world.
26-08-2021 International Conference “(Dis)connecting People? The law and practice of family reunification”
07-07-2021 Contribution Piet van der Meer and Merijn Chamon to the discussion about the Commission Study on New Genomic Techniques
30-06-2021 Ghent University students team wins prestigious ELMC moot competition:
28-01-2021 Online Seminar ‘The EU-Ukraine Trade Dispute on Wood Export Ban’
26-01-2021 New publication by Professor Dr. Guillaume Van der Loo and Professor Dr. Michael Hahn
23-12-2020 20 van 2020: Parastou dreams of a real proclamation with her fellow students
09-12-2020 Decrypting the Trade and Investment Agreement between Vietnam and the EU
03-12-2020 'New NATO. Even better now!'