NPD, Plan Nacional sobre Drogas/ The National Plan on Drugs

The National Plan on Drugs (N.P.D.) is a government initiative created in 1985 and designed to coordinate and strengthen the policies related to illegal drugs that have been carried out by the different Public Administrations and Social entities in Spain. The Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs is entitled to the management, impulse, coordination and supervision of those services related to the National Plan on Drugs updating and implementation, all of it under the upper management of the General secretary of Health.

Sociedad Científica española de Estudios sobre el alcohol, el alcoholismo y las otras Toxicomanías

Spanish Scientific Institute for Research on alcohol and other drugrelated problems.


Instituto de Investigación de Drogodependencias

Research Institute on Drugs of the University Miguel Hernàndez.


Sociedad Española de Toxicomanías

Spanish Society on Toxicomania.