Debate and Open Forum


The Open Forum and Debate took place in Ghent (Belgium) on 22 November 2007, as part of a series of events funded by the European Commission Jean Monnet programme. It was organized in cooperation with Mo* Magazine.

Transcripts of the debate

This public activity (Ghent, 22 November 2007) forms part of a larger academic project on the role of the European Union in relation to the social dimension of globalization and, more specifically, the potential contribution of the EU in this area through its external policies.

It involved a discussion between civil society, NGOs, policy-makers, academics and students, on the EU’s external social policies. This event aimsed to bring together the various actors with a view on the question of the EU’s role in relation to the social dimension of globalization external to it, and to encourage an exchange of perspectives between these different actors.

The basic question of the forum was: how and to what extent can the European Union promote the social dimension of globalization internationally? What are the opportunities and obstacles?

Four specific topics for debate were addressed:

  • The EU contribution to the ILO decent work agenda
  • Social dimension of EU trade policies
  • EU’s international promotion of rights of the child
  • EU and promotion of gender equality in the world