Prof. Dr. Jan Orbie

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Prof. Dr. J. Orbie is hoofddocent aan de Vakgroep Politieke Wetenschappen van de UGent in België, waar hij les geeft en onderzoek voert over het extern beleid van de Europese Unie. Voor meer informatie, zie ResearchGate , LinkedIn en Twitter (@janorbie).

Specialisatie en huidig onderzoek

  • Extern beleid van de EU, in het bijzonder externe dimensies van handels-, sociaal en ontwikkelingsbeleid
  • Kritische en normatieve perspectieven op de EU en internationale politie


  • Theories of European Integration
  • European External Policies
  • Current Issues in EU Politics (samen met Hendrik Vos)
  • EU Trade Politics (samen met Ferdi De Ville), Jean Monnet Module


Werkadres: Korte Meer 1, 9000 Gent
Postadres: Universiteitstraat 8, 9000 Gent
Telefoon: +32 9 264 91 58



  • The substance of EU democracy promotion: concepts and cases, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 (ed.) (with Anne Wetzel)
  • Europe's Global Role. External Policies of the European Union, Ashgate, 2008 (hardback) and 2009 (paperback) (ed.)
  • Beyond Market Access for Economic Development: EU-Africa Relations in Transition, Routledge, 2009 (ed.) (with Gerrit Faber) (flyer)
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  • European Union Trade Politics and Developing Countries: Everything But Arms Unravelled, Routledge, 2007 (ed.) (with Gerrit Faber) (flyer)
  • Theorie van de Europese Integratie, Acco, 2009

Speciale uitgaven

  • The Europeanisation of development policy, European Politics and society (2016, with Maurizio Carbone)
  • Theoretical perspectives on EU Trade Policy, Journal of Contemporary European Research (2013, with Bart Kerremans)
  • The substance of EU democracy promotion, European Foreign Affairs Review, 2011, 16, 5 (with Anne Wetzel) (pdf)
  • The European Union’s Global Social Role, Journal of European Social Policy, Symposium section, 2009, 2 (with Lisa Tortell)
  • The Social Dimension of European Union External Trade Relations¸ European Foreign Affairs Review, 2009, 5 (with F. Bossuyt, M. Martins Gistelinck, B. Kerremans and L. Tortell) (pdf)

Artikels en hoofdstukken

  • The normative distinctiveness of the EU in international development: stepping out of the shadow of the World Bank? Development Policy Review (with  Fabienne Bossuyt, Petra Debusscher, Karen Del Biondo, Sarah Delputte, Vicky Reynaert and Joren Verschaeve), available online
  • EU trade policy: persistent liberalisation, contentious protectionism, Journal of European Integration (with Yelter Bollen and Ferdi De Ville), available online
  • 'Normative versus market power Europe? The EU-India trade agreement', Asia Europe Journal (with Sangeeta Khorana), available online
  • 'Humaitarian Aid as an Integral Part of the European Union's External Action', JCCM (with Peter Van Elsuweghe and Fabienne Bossuyt), available online.
  • 'The EU and donor coordination on the ground', EJDR (with Sarah Delputte), available online.
  • 'The European Commission's implementation of budget support and the Government Incentive Tranche in Ethiopia', TWQ (with Karen Del Biondo), available online.
  • 'Theorizing European Union Trade Politics', JCER (with Bart Kerremans), available online.
  • 'Sanctions under the EU's Generalized System of Preferences', CP (with Clara Portela), available online in special issue on EU trade-development.
  • Two publications on the European Commission's neoliberal trade discourse since the crisis (with Ferdi De Ville) in BJPIR and EIOP.
  • 'The substance of EU democracy promotion', EFAR
  • ‘Security and Development in EU External Relations: Converging, but in which direction?’, in S. Biscop & R. Whitman (eds) Handbook of European Union Security, Palgrave, 2012 (with Karen Del Biondo and Stefan Oltsch)
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  • ‘European Union Trade Policy and a Social Clause: a Question of Competences?’, in Politique Européenne, vol. 17, automne 2005, pp. 159-187. (with Hendrik Vos and Liesbeth Taverniers)

* a complete overview of Jan Orbie's publications can be found here.


The substance of EU democracy promotion

EU-iPodS, Jean Monnet Information and Research Activity 2011-12

Europe’s global social role and the social dimension of EU trade policy

  • BOF Research project Deborah Martens on the impact of EU trade on social development in Latin America
  • The EU's Global Social Role (EU-SDG, Jean Monnet Information and Research Activity 2008-09)
  • FWO research project Lore Van de Putte on the social dimension of EU Trade Relations
  • FWO research project Bregt Saenen on EU-ILO relations
  • Lotus (Erasmus Mundus) project Yuan Hang on the social dimension of EU-China relations

The EU as a trade and development actor

  • Political conditionality in EU-Africa relations (FWO research project Karen Del Biondo, finished 2012)
  • Coordination in EU development policy (VLIR-VLADOC research project Sarah Delputte)
  • The position and impact of the EU as a development actor in the OECD-DAC  (BOF research project Joren Verschaeve)
  • Gender mainstreaming in EU development policy (post-doctoral scholarship BOF & FWO Petra Debusscher)
  • Humanitarian aid policy of the EU (BOF project Helen Versluys, finished 2008)
  • EU trade policy in the shadow of the WTO (Vlaams Steunpunt project Ferdi De Ville, finished 2011)
  • The trade negotiations on Lomé I (BOF project Lotte Drieghe, finished 2011)

The EU and international institutions

  • EU-ILO relations (FWO research project Bregt Saenen, finished 2014)
  • EU-OECD relations (BOF research project Joren Verschaeve, finished 2015)
  • EU-G8/G20 relations (BOF research project Peter Debaere, main supervisor Dries Lesage)

The EU’s and the near abroad

  • The role of the Council Presidency in Eastern Neighbourhood policies (FWO research project Bruno Vandecasteele)
  • The EU mission and the reality in Kosovo (Basileus, Erasmus Mundus project Vjosa Musliu)
  • Relations EU and Ukraine (BOF project Guillaume Van der Loo, main supervisor Peter Van Elsuweghe)
  • The EU as a state building actor in Kosovo (Basileus project Labinot Greicevci, finished 2011)
  • The EU and the South Caucasus (BOF project Syuzanna Vasilyan, finished 2010)
  • The EU and the Mediterranean (BOF project Vicky Reynaert, finished 2012)