Dr. Huanyu Zhao

Huanyu Zhao

I’m a Ph.D. researcher at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University. Generally, my passion is making sense of powers and major power groupings, and especially their interplay in global governance. Specifically, my research focuses on the evolving multilateral governance architecture in the context of globalization and geopolitical transformations. Topics of specific interest are the BRICS, Gx, global economic governance. Currently, I am conducting research on explaining the motivation, institutionalization, and implication of BRICS as a rising major power grouping.

I obtained an M.A. with highest distinction (summa cum laude) in Political Science (2013) and an M.A. Certificate at the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (2012). I also hold dual B.B.A. in management and a B.A. in literature (2010). Guide by interests listed above, I’m an author, co-author, co-editor, of several articles, chapters, and books dealing with those topics. I was also the commentator for the special issue of the BRICS Xiamen Summit. My recent co-edited book Understanding the Macro Policy of the European Union (2020) is awarded ‘the 13th China National Five-Year Plan Flagship Publication’. And my recent article ‘China and global economic governance: does BRICS matter?’ has appeared in the Handbook on China and Globalization (2019) published by Edward Elgar Publishing. 

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