On-going research projects

Research at the CEUS focuses on the conceptual debates around the EU's role in the world as well as the 'soft' dimension of EU external action, such as external trade, development, social and environmental policies, and democracy promotion. Significant attention goes to the internal-external nexus and to decision-making processes on external action. While being grounded into the disciplines of political science and international relations, the CEUS is also open to interdisciplinary research, mostly in cooperation with colleagues from European law and economics. Members of the CEUS aim to highlight the broader societal relevance of their academic research and to be actively involved in the public debate about the EU.

The Centre of EU Studies is currently engaged in some fifteen PhD research projects, mainly financed by the Research Foundation – Flanders, the Special Research Fund of Ghent University, Basileus and Erasmus Mundus.

An overview:

  • The political economy of the trade climate nexus in the European Union: Under which conditions does the EU use trade instruments at the service of climate policies? • FWO Mandate: Marie Musch • October 2016 - October 2019

  • The European Parliament’s position on international trade: a topic modeling and discoursetheoretical approach • Thomas Jacobs • October 2016 - October 2019 
  • Politicisation in European Trade Policy since the free trade agreement between the EU and US (TTIP) • BOF mandate: Niels Gheyle • January 2015 - December 2018.
  • ‘When EU trade politics and farm economics meet’; the impact of EU fair trade policy in Latin America • interdisciplinary BOF project with Deborah Martens and Annelien Gansemans • December 2014 - November 2018.
  • EU-ASEAN: a new focus on the bilateral level • Marjolein Derous • November 2013 - October 2019.
  • Climate mainstreaming in EU development policies • FWO mandate: Frederik De Roeck • October 2014 - September 2018.
  • The EU’s role in global health governance • VLIR-UOS mandate: Lies Steurs • October 2014 - September 2018.
  • The great recession and EU trade policy • BOF mandate: Yelter Bollen • February 2014 - February 2018.
  • EU-China cooperation on global climate policies • China Scholarship Council (CSC): Yunhan Zhang • September 2013 - August 2017.
  • The relations between the EU and the Western Balkan countries • Basileus: Krenar Gashi • September 2014 - June 2017.
  • EU Democracy Promotion in Ukraine: Effectiveness of Functional Cooperation • Euroeast project: Dmytro Panchuk • August 2013 - June 2016.
  • Social norms in EU bilateral trade agreements • FWO mandate: Lore Van den Putte • October 2012 - September 2016.
  • The European Union in the world: Between Bilateralism, Inter-regionalism and Multilateralism • Francis Baert.
  • The possible integration of the Southern Caucasus to the European Union structures: a case study of oil-rich Azerbaijan • Ramin Shafagatov.
  • De dynamieken achter de totstandkoming van een Europees sportbeleid • Annelore Ost.
  • The integration from the Western Balkan in the EU: stability in the region • Bekim Collaku.
  • To what extent do the EU its member states depend on the imports of natural gas from Russia? • Mustafa Atala.
  • Regional integration and the perception of the EU in Asia • David Hoeflaak.
  • The EU relations with the eastern neighbourhood • Victoriya Khasson.