Robin Devroe selected for the “Vlaamse PhD-Cup”


Robin Devroe

About 2000 doctoral dissertations are defended in Flanders every year. These studies often quickly result in publications in high-quality scientific journals, but only a fraction is on the radar of the general public. This in mind, Scriptie vzw annually organizes the “Vlaamse PhD-cup”. This is a competition in which newly graduated PhDs are encouraged to share their passion for science and their profession with the general public. A jury consisting of 12 members from different universities across Flanders selected sixteen semi-finalists.

Robin Devroe, who obtained her PhD in May 2019 and is currently working as an FWO postdoctoral researcher at the GASPAR research group was one of the selected candidates. Her research focuses on the prevalence of political gender stereotypes among Flemish voters and how this links to the underrepresentation of women in politics.

Together with the other semi-finalists, Robin was invited to a fully-fledged media training co-organised by VRT. This intensive four-day training consisted of workshops on science popularization, presentation techniques, storytelling, voice coaching, camera and interview training. The semi-finalists also had the opportunity to ask questions to and collaborate with editors of TV and radio-shows, experts in the field and (science) journalists, such as Koen Wauters and Tim Pauwels.

After this training, the 16 selected participants were faced with the ultimate challenge: presenting the core of their research in a clear presentation of only 3 minutes. The semi-final was organized on September 23rd in the Marconi studio at VRT. Unfortunately, the story of the PhD-cup ended there for Robin, but it certainly fuelled her enthusiasm for science communication and the societal valorisation of research output. And if someone from our department wants to participate in next year’s edition, Robin is more than ready to share some inside-information!