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Location of the library PSBIB

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Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41 Blok T2

9000 Gent


opening hours

A new dwelling

The faculty library will open its doors for the public for the first time in the new dwelling in campus Technicum, on monday September 27.   Four former departmental libraries will merge into one faculty library with one collection, universal services and a unique and large space.

The library will form the forefront for the other faculty and deparment services that will make the move to the new campus later this year.

This integration goes hand in hand with a (re)newed mission for the faculty library (in Dutch) of political and social sciences, approved by the Faculty council on october 14, 2020.  In the coming months, this mission will be put into practice gradually, but a first step is the commissioning of a new space and new services.  The official opening of the campus will be held later this year, but we couldn't let the first day of opening on monday September 27 of the new faculty library just pass by.   The first ten students that entered the library received a small surprise and amongst the visitors of the day a goodiebag with lots of usefull stuff was raffled.  

Opening hours 2021-2022

The library is open daily between 9 am and 5 pm.  From November 1 onwards, the library will be open between 8.30 am and 6 pm.

During first semester their will be some scheduled closing days.  Please note the following closing moments :

  • Friday October 15
  • Monday November 1 and Tuesday November 2
  • Thursday November 11
  • Friday December 24 (only after noon)
  • Monday January 3, 2022

And what about Corona ?

The library is bound by the regulations of the Rectorate concerning COVID and are therefor conditional.  Check the general regulations of the university on Coronameasures@Ugent

Until further notice the wearing of face masks is mandatory when circulation within the library.  It is not mandatory when seated at a study space.  Disinfectant will be available at the entrance and in the reading room.  Please respect your distance when circulating.


As of monday September 27 you are welcome for :

  • 147 study spaces (no reservation needed)
  • 7 meeting rooms for consultation, group work, with different capacities.  They must be reserved, only by holders of a valid UGent-mailaccount. Reservation only online.
  • A print book collection of more than 350 running meter, for the four departments of the faculty, all available for loan and chapter scan (via
  • Academic journals, newspapers and general magazines.
  • Help for all your information searches.
  • And so much more...

Make a reservation of a meeting room

Seven meeting rooms can be used by students and staff of UGent, providing they have a working UGent email.  Reservations only online  .

When making a first time reservation, you will need to make an account, using your UGent email.  After registration, (you may choose your own password), you will receive a mail with a confirmation link.  Your account will only be made active after you have clicked on this confirmation link.  Next, log on to the site, choose your date and time, and pick one of the available rooms.  Please check your reservation is made for the correct date and time !!!

All rooms have a large monitor on which you can share your laptop or mobile screen (using Chromecast) to work together in groups.  Note : the monitors will be installed in the week of October 6.

Please bear in mind that meeting rooms are intended to work together in group or to have a meeting.  Individual use for study will not be allowed and reservations may be cancelled by staff if you use a room individually.

A few general rules

  • Eating in the library is not allowed.  
  • We allow drinks in reusable bottles or containers.
  • The library is a study environment.  Please keep you noise levels down and have consideration for others working in the library.
  • Please throw away waste and garbage in the appropriate bins near the entrance and in the reading room.

Literature search

The library has a specific print book and journal collection.   But you can also use the vast collections of other faculty libraries and the Book tower.  A joint catalogue is available via   You may also find some links to the most important databases for the faculty (always use Athena of VPN when you are not on campus or connected to the UGent Wifi).

Do you need Qualtrics for research and assignments, go to Qualtrics Faculty environment (note : only for students and staff of the faculty political and social sciences).  


Endnote X9

Digitale bibliotheek@UGent

Research tips

For tips on searching research literature (books, journals, database,...), writing of an academic paper or dissertation, publishing, presenting research results, critical reading of literature, scientific integrity and research financing, go to

The library team

els-casteels.jpg virginie-declercq.jpg Chantal Tant Stijn Meersseman
Els Casteels Virginie De Clercq Chantal Tant Stijn Meersseman
astrid-vanden-brande.jpg tanneke-van-de-walle.jpg Koen Vanrumste
Astrid Vanden Brande Tanneke Van de Walle Koen Vanrumste

Practical information

Books are ordered on the shelves using Library of Congress codes. These codes (comprising on or two letters, a number and possibly a third number) refer in a concise way to the themes of our research departments.  References to books can be found in the catalogue.  If a book is in another faculty library, you will find the correct address an d opening hours.  Some books have to be taken from a depot, you may request it via the catalogue as well (along with scans of book chapters) (see :

Library regulation