Faculty contact for international degree students

IT and internationalisation policy advisor: Dries Ledoux

Faculty Coordinator for Internationalisation

Prof. dr. Peter Stevens email:

Research and Internationalisation Office of the faculty


Griet Claerhout
Hilde Van Peteghem

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During Summer 2021 the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences will move to Campus UFO.

Department of Political Sciences

Departmental Coordinator for internationalisation

Prof. dr. Koenraad De Ceuninck - contact

Department of Communication Sciences

Departmental Coordinator for internationalisation

Tom Evens - contact

Department of Sociology

Departmental Coordinator for internationalisation

Henk Roose - contact

Master Global Studies

Coordination: EMGS

Department of Conflict and Development

Coordination: Karen Büscher

Faculty Student Administration (FSA)

International Office of UGent (

Website International Office Ugent

Information for exchange students