Stéphanie Perazzone

Position: Post-doctoral researcher


Academic Interests:

Stéphanie is an expert in African politics and, in particular, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her work has focused on linking the anthropology and the politics of the postcolonial state in urban environments. She is also developing a research agenda that seeks to introduce the notion of the ‘ordinary’ as a critical theoretical device in IR theory, analyzes the politics of international intervention in (post-)conflict environments, explores the processes of urban fabric and politics in the DRC as well as the challenges of doing fieldwork in the ‘global South’, and examines issues of colonial durabilities in global politics. In so doing, she engages with archival research, research-policy transfer endeavours, and conducted extensive fieldwork across Africa and maintain deep roots with the DRC, where she spent her childhood. Beyond academia, She also gained experience working for and with both local and international non-governmental organisations and research centers.

Stéphanie is also a Research Associate with the Institute of Development Policy (IOB), the University of Antwerp, where she worked on a Swiss National Science Foundation-funded research project entitled “Localizing International Security Sector reform | A micro-sociology of policing in urban Congo” (2019-2021).







Current Research Projects: