New commentary by Soibam Haripriya: Unlawful law (in Malayalam)

(04-02-2021) Rethining the Thangjam Manorama case

This short commentary is a re-thinking of the final verdict of the Thangjam Manorama. The Case of Col. Jagmohan Singh And Ors. vs The State Of Manipur And Ors. is more popularly known as the Thangjam Manorama case. The ghastly nature of the way the body of Manorama bear witness to torture led to the historic naked protests by the mothers of Manipur in front of the Kangla Fort in 2004. The protest has since occupied the imagination of many activists and lay people across the country and outside. A petition was filed by the 17th Battalion Assam Rifles on 12th July, 2004, challenging the Commission of Inquiry constituted by the Government of Manipur in the wake of the protests. The petition puts into question the competence of the Government of a State to appoint a Commission of Inquiry into what is deemed a matter for the Army Court of Inquiry. This commentary attempts to read the case through the lens of violence against women (VAW). If the state itself is the perpetrator of sexualised violence against (especially marginalised) women what are the possible ways to counter this and seek justice?

Read the full commentary at Sanghaditha (in Malayalam).