How can I check online whether or not a book is available?

You can do this through Aleph. Click 'check availability'.

Can I reserve books online?

  • Electronic reservation is possible through Aleph (free)
  • After your request notifications will be sent via e-mail when the book is available
  • Electronic requests are limited to books that are already borrowed or are in the magazine
  • Requesting books in Aleph is only possible when logged in

How can I extend the borrowing period online?


Can I extend a book reserved through Interlibrary loan (ILL)?

A book requested through ILL can only be extended once, pending the consensus of the library of origin. Please contact for this.

Who can borrow books?

Only registered users can borrow books. More info: http://lib.ugent.be/en/ontlenen.shtml

How many books can I borrow simultaneously?

The faculty Political and Social Sciences allows staff to borrow 8 weeks instead of the usual 4. All readers can borrow a maximum of 10 books from all PS libraries simultaneously. This number doesn’t include books borrowed from other (faculty) libraries.

How can I register?

Students and Ghent University staff are automatically registered in the library system. Visitors have to register in the library system. Visitors have to register at the Boekentoren. There is a membership fee of 10 euro/year for them.

How can I make copies?

To make and print copies you’ll need to use the ePurse payment system. You’ll need your student card (or Ghent University card) for this. This card can be charged online on epurse.ugent.be, using a debit card, credit card or Paypal. Scanning documents is free of charge.

Shelf number BUREAU

Books marked with the shelf number ‘BUREAU’ are not retrievable in the library. These books need to be requested using the Aleph catalogue. These books are not lendable. You will be notified by email as soon the requested work is available for consultation in the library.

Can I look into earlier dissertations?

Dissertations written at our department can ONLY be consulted at the Boekentoren. You can easily recognize a dissertation by its shelf number: BIB.GTH.VOLGNUMMER. You can also reserve them through our catalogue. Since Academic Year 2008-2009 most master’s dissertations can be found only and are consultable through the online catalogue. Only when confidential information is found within or the dissertation didn’t meet the faculty’s standards for publishing it publically.

Can I consult databases and electronic journals from at home?

If you wish to consult the databases and electronic journals at home, you’ll need to be connected to the UGentNet.

More info: http://lib.ugent.be/en/vpn.shtml

Can I request books and articles that are only available in libraries outside of Ghent University?

Yes. Through Interlibrary loan (ILL).