Monograph on the history of film censorship in Belgium ('Verboden beelden') published

(11-12-2020) CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst published a Dutch-language monograph on the history of film control and censorship in Belgium.

Biltereyst, Daniël. Verboden beelden cover.jpgThe book, Verboden beelden: De verborgen geschiedenis van filmcensuur in Belgium (Antwerpen/Amsterdam: Houtekiet, 2020, 264 p.), deals with how the Belgian Board of Film Control (1920-2020), Catholic film organisations, the judicial system, the government, foreign diplomatic forces, political parties, and other societal institutions tried to discipline the free production, circulation, distribution, exhibition and consumption of films and cinema.

Verboden beelden argues that whereas Belgium was one of the few countries without an obligatory system of film censorship, various societal institutions acted as disciplining censorial forces. This book on what happened behind the Belgian liberal façade also goes into issues of self-censorship by filmmakers and the industry at large.

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