Hannelore Crijns


In July 2018, I obtained my PhD degree in Communication Sciences at Ghent University funded by a BOF scholarship. My research topic focuses on how the characteristics of the current digital environment (i.e., the interactive nature of social media and the active role of multiple stakeholders) influence corporate communication practices and crisis communication in particular. Methodologically, I have experience with experimental methods, content analyses and survey research.

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PhD Project

Hannelore received a BOF research grant from UGent in 2014. Currently she is in the last year of her PhD. The dissertation is about how the current digital environment has changed crisis communication. In particular she investigates the impact of different assets of this environment (for example the possibility of interaction with consumers through social media) on perceptions of the organizational reputation during crises. ​



Korte Meer 7-9, 1st floor, 9000 Ghent