Dieneke Van de Sompel


Dieneke Van de Sompel is a postdoctoral researcher (at the department of Marketing, Innovation and Organization, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) and assistant professor (at the department of Communication studies, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences) at Ghent University.

In 2016, she obtained her PhD in Applied Economic Sciences, entitled “Insights in children's consumer related activities and reactions to advertising”. In January 2019, she received a BOF scholarship of Ghent University for the project “Children as change makers in a household’s sustainable food consumption. Exploring how in-store marketing interventions targeting children can affect sustainable food literacy, -attitudes and -choices in children and their parents.”


Research Tracks

Since the beginning of her PhD, she developed a specific research interest in examining minors’ behavior from an inter-disciplinary research angle, combining the domains of communication sciences, advertising, consumer behavior and social marketing.

These research interests are currently centered around research that (1) explores how healthy, sustainable and pro-environmental concerns and behaviors can be stimulated in minors (for example via marketing and communication interventions, such as nudges or public service announcements, via social media etc.) and on research that (2) explores specific downsides of minors’ exposure to commercial messages and advertising (such as privacy concerns) and how they can be averted (for example by focusing on stimulating literacy, by using advertising disclosures).




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