Checklist administration for exchange students

Administration in advance

Administration upon arrival

We refer to the Welcome Guide for International Students for a detailed description of the below and other sections.

If you want somebody to wait for you in Sint-Pieters Station (train or bus) upon arrival, please contact the students of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) on the ESN-website.


  • Renting a room in one of the University Halls of Residence is highly recommended! 
  • Please check the website for all information (reasons to choose for it etc.) and the online procedure, if you want to apply for accommodation.

Visit the Exchange Student Adviser

  • The will be pleased to welcome you at the UGent and give you more information about all the steps you have to take.

Announce yourself at your faculty

  • Upon arrival, you should meet your professor and your faculty responsible to arrange academic matter, talk about courses & professors, adjust your Learning Agreement, etc.
  • Most faculties have developed their own pages to guide their incoming students.

Registration at Ghent University: UGent Student Card

  • Obligatory for all Exchange Students
  • Go to the Student Administration Office to receive your UGent student card
  • Address: UFO, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, B-9000 Gent
  • Read how to register.

Registration at the City of Ghent

Dutch language course in the UCT

  • Reduction for Dutch language course: Exchange students from partner universities and students studying at Ghent University under the Erasmus+ traineeships framework are entitled for a reduced fee of €65 for a course of Dutch at the University Language Centre ('UCT').
  • You can follow other language courses in the UCT at half price (with a valid UGent student card).
    The UCT is located in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 136, B-9000 Gent (open Monday - Thursday 10h00-18h30, Friday 10h00-14h00).
  • Read more about Dutch and other language courses at UCT