Elisabeth De Schauwer

Elisabeth De Schauwer
Elisabeth De Schauwer
Selected publications

De Schauwer, E., Van Hove, G., Mortier, K., & Loots, G. (2009). I need help on Mondays, it’s not my day. The other days, I’m ok. Perspectives of children with a disability on inclusive education. Children and Society, 23(2), 99-11

Van Hove, G., De Schauwer, E., Mortier, K., Bosteels, S., Desnerck, G., & Van Loon, J. (2009). Working with mothers and fathers of children with disabilities: Metaphors used by parents in a continuing dialogue. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 17(2), 187-201.

De Schauwer, E., Vandekinderen, C., & Van de Putte, I. (2011). Voorbij de vraagtekens?! Perspectieven van leraren op inclusief onderwijs. Antwerpen: Garant.

De Schauwer, E., & Van Hove, G. (2011). Swimming is never without risk. Opening up on learning through activism and research. Qualitative Inquiry, 17(2), 224-232.

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