Update corona

(12-11-2020) Non-teleworkable research activities can be carried out until further notice. This also includes non-teleworkable research activities in the context of bachelor's or master's theses. The UGent guidelines "Return to work safely in times of corona" must be strictly adhered to. In these guidelines you will also find additional guidelines for “research involving human test subjects” (see “section specific work situations”). Researchers, staff and students within each department must consult with their supervisors about the necessity, the concrete timing and the organization of the non-teleworkable research activities.

Anyone who must be present at the faculty can request a certificate. Travel is not limited to essential, but the Ministerial Decree states that a certificate is required to prove that you are lawfully entitled to an exception to teleworking, in case there is a check by the social inspectorate. If you want such a certificate, you can get it by email. In that case, please state your full name and personnel number, the date / period and for which activity you must be on campus (streaming or recording lessons, research activities that require physical presence in the UGent buildings, first part of a doctoral exam or logistics and service activities that can only be done on campus).

Update corona

(28-10-2020) The exceptional new measures have also an impact on research. In line with the measures for education, all on-campus research in the faculty will be postponed until 11 November.
The only exception is research where the delay would have an irrevocable and disproportionate negative impact on the research results (e.g. follow-up research). If you have any questions, you can contact the faculty research director:

A procedure mask is the same as a surgical mouth mask

(27-10-2020) Proceduremasker

PhD defenses in code red

(19-10-2020) We would like to point out the impact on PhD defenses of the switch to code red that will apply from October 26. In doing so, we follow the matrix available on our website.
Most important information:

  • Internal defenses remain possible on campus even during code red. Of course, the hygiene measures remain.
  • Public defenses and receptions cannot continue on campus with code red: public defenses must continue digitally.

The measures from code orange will continue to apply until 26 October.

Science Day

(03-08-2020) On 22 November 2020, just like in previous years, Science Day will take place. Science Day is a unique opportunity to present your research to a wide audience and to engage in dialogue with non-colleagues. More UGent-specific information can be found at

Restart research activities

(03-06-2020) Research activities can be restarted within Ghent University if a number of conditions are met. In order to facilitate that process, we want to establish a “learning network” in which information and expertise about the restart is shared amongst researchers. For that purpose, the Research Support Office has set up a SharePoint: Restarting Research We hope this SharePoint will be a hub containing and receiving relevant information about the restart of research at our faculty.

Update corona: call for flexibility in doctoral research (Rector UGent)

(04-05-2020) These are extraordinary times. Times in which it is far from self-evident to complete doctoral research in accordance with agreed upon schedules.

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Research day

(04-05-2020) The faculty infomoment research scheduled for May 27 will not take place. We are looking to schedule a new moment in October or December.

PhD Cup

(01-05-2020) Scriptie vzw launches the call for the Flemish PhD Cup 2020. This year, too, we are challenging in collaboration with Radio 1, Eos, VRT Taal and Stamp Media researchers who have completed their PhD over the past 2 years share the core of their years of research with the wider world. Have you obtained your doctorate in the past two years? Share your research via the PhD Cup!