CCN meeting | Remi Gau (UCLouvain, Belgium)

19-01-2023 from 15:00 to 16:00
Henri Dunantlaaan 2, Leslokaal 4.2 &

CCN meeting | Remi Gau (UCLouvain, Belgium) invited by Stefania Mattioni

BIDS talk

Abstract: The brain imaging data structure (BIDS) is fast becoming the main standard to organize raw neuroimaging data. Having your data in BIDS offers many downstream advantages to users: use of standardized pipelines, facilitate data sharing and reuse… But getting your data to be BIDS compliant can also be source of much frustration. Especially when it is the first time you are dealing with neuroimaging data. This talk aims to reduce that frustration by: 1. Giving a quick overview of the data management principles that underpin BIDS. Remembering and following a rule is always easier when you understand why the rule was put in place: so I will spend a bit of time explaining the reason why BIDS is structured the way it is. 2. Giving pointers and tips to convert and validate your datasets. Using automated BIDS converters is recommended, but It can be hard to know which one to use. I will try to give pointers to help you choose and get started.