Medievalist Jeroen De Gussem reaches finals Flemish PhD Cup 2020 and makes the news!

Jeroen De Gussem -c-Kevin Faingnaert (large view)

Jeroen De Gussem -c-Kevin Faingnaert

(08-09-2020) Jeroen De Gussem's research on digital stylometry of medieval texts is one of 8 final contenders for the Flemish PhD Cup! His research makes the news!

PhD Cup finalist

Scriptie vzw organizes the Flemish PhD Cup for the fifth consecutive year. The Cup is a competition for early career scholars to present their newly-minted research as clear and persuasive as possible for the public.  In the first round only 16 candidates were selected from no less than 81 submissions. In the semi finals at Marconi Studio of national broadcaster VRT, only 8 moved to the next round, among whom our dr. Jeroen De Gussem. In November 2019, Jeroen defended his PhD on 'Collaborative Authorship in Twelfth Century Latin Literature. A Stylometric Approach of Gender, Synergy and Authority'. Now, he will try to win over both the crowd and the jury with his research into the famous love letters of Abélard and Héloise, using advanced digital stylometry to clarify who wrote what exactly.

You can follow the whole shebang on the Scriptie vzw Twitter. Don't forget to vote for Jeroen when the video's get released on 29 September! The finals will take place on 6 October at Het Depot in Leuven.

Last year two of our researchers, dr. Lisa Demets and dr. Jonas Roelens, reached the finals of the Flemish PhD Cup. Jonas ended up winning both the Jury and Audience awards.


Shortly after the news broke about being selected for the prestigious PhD competition, Jeroen was asked by science magazine EOS to write a piece on his fascinating work. He zooms in on one of his most famous case studies, the love letters of Abélard and Héloise. You can find the fascinating tale, drenched in fabricated romantic love medieval-style, literary impersonation and “stylistic DNA”, on the EOS website (Dutch)!

It didn’t take long for the story to be picked up by other media outlets: