Lezing 'White Privilege and Racism in Higher Education'

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Alumni , Bedrijven , Journalisten , Medewerkers , Studenten
21-09-2021 van 19:30 tot 21:30
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Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees (CESSMIR) ism BIRMM (VUB) and CeMIS (University of Antwerp)
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Join us for a thought-provoking evening with Prof Dr. Kalwant Bhopal discussing white privilege and racism in higher education.

Kalwant Bhopal will talk about how higher education institutes reinforce white privilege and continue to marginalise ethnic minorities. Diversity policies and statements against racism following the 2020 BLM protests nonetheless, the status quo in higher education remains intact. She will go into dialogue with Belgian students and researchers dr. Fatma Zehra Çolak (University of Antwerp), prof. dr. Stéphanie De Maesschalck (Ghent Univerity) Latifah Abdou (WeDecolonizeVUB) and more TBC soon. Kalwant Bhopal is a Professor of Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham. Her recent research focuses on the position of minority ethnic academics in higher education. She specifically explores how processes of racism, exclusion and marginalisation operate in predominantly white spaces with a focus on social justice and inclusion.