Lezing 'Destruction of Journalism as an Institution in Turkey'

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17-12-2021 van 01:00 tot 02:30
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Department of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

This guest lecture by dr. Ozan Asik elaborates on the destructive relation between politics and (news) media in Turkey.

On Friday December 17th, dr. Ozan Aşık (Uludağ University, Bursa, Turkey) is invited to give a guest lecture in the course ‘Politics and Media’. This guest lecture is open to all students of the faculty Political and Social Sciences. In his guest lecture, he will elaborate on the relation between politics and (news) media in Turkey. He will demonstrate that the political pressures on and interferences with traditional and mainstream news media for the last decades have not only silenced critical voices, but even have destructed journalism as an institution for truth-telling.

The lecture will start at 13.00h, and end at 14.15h, including a Q&A. We kindly invite you to attend the lecture on campus (Technicum T2, Auditorium F).

Registration is mandatory: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/PolMedAsik

Colleagues/students who prefer to follow the lecture online, can register for the Zoom meeting.

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