Infosessie 'Bringing research to life with advice & funding: exact & applied sciences'

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12-10-2021 van 10:00 tot 11:30
Door wie
UGent TechTransfer & Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds (IOF)
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Online info session focused on funding & advice from UGent TechTransfer & the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) for exact & applied sciences

Are you looking for funding to further develop your innovative idea? Not sure who you can turn to for advice on protecting or valorising your research? Interested in projects and spin-offs that predecessors from your faculty have started?

Join the online information session of the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) & UGent TechTransfer for exact & applied sciences, and discover how you can market your research, and thus creating benefit for society.

What can you expect?

  • different options for valorising of your research
  • funding possibilities within Ghent University via IOF project calls for transferring research into business (from 50K up to 650K euro)
  • interesting, available Ghent University courses
  • UGent TechTransfer support (contracts, protection of research results, …)
  • insight in your direct UGent TechTransfer contact person
  • Q&A