Symposium 'Research Day Faculty of Pscychology and Educational Sciences'

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25-05-2022 van 09:00 tot 13:00
Leslokaal 1.3, Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9900 Gent
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Faculty of Pscychology and Educational Sciences, Scientific Research Committee (CWO)

Research Day of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences bringing together researchers across disciplines.

The goal of the faculty research days is to bring researchers together. It provides a unique opportunity for fellow researchers to meet and discuss both within and across disciplines.

The first part always consists of a series of lectures with an opportunity for discussion. In the second part, new PhD students have the opportunity to present their future research activities during a poster session.

The research day traditionally closes with an informal reception during which the winner of the ‘Best Poster Award’ is be announced.

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