Workshop 'Embedding the gender aspect into research content - focus on beta and gamma sciences '

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16-05-2022 van 09:00 tot 12:00
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Interactive training: Gender dimension in proposal writing for beta and gamma research domains

In order to obtain research funding, more and more international and national organizations are setting the condition that gender must be taken into account in research. This concerns 2 tracks:

  • Develop an equal opportunities policy in the research team and in the research institution
  • Taking into account the gender dimension in the content of the research

Researchers often do not know how to integrate both aspects in the research proposal or what the relevance of gender is with regard to their research domain.

Therefore DPO in collaboration with the EU-Team is organizing this training, provided by gender expert and trainer Katrien Van Der Heyden, for all senior researchers so that they can discover the relevance of gender and how they can use this as added value when applying for research funding.

This first session will be tailored to the needs of researchers in the beta and gamma sciences.

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