Lezing 'Decolonizing Palestine: Conversations after the Unity Intifada'

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Medewerkers , Studenten
11-05-2022 van 17:30 tot 20:00
Campus UFO, Technicum, Auditorium D, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent
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Department of Conflict and Development Studies in collaboration with ACOD UGent

We discuss the role of labour and trade union organising in a settler colonial context with key figures in the Palestinian and Belgian trade union.

On May 18 2021, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian citizens in Israel stopped work for the day, as did other Palestinians across the Occupied West Bank and in Gaza, in a general strike and a remarkable show of unity against Israel’s unfolding military campaign. Palestinian construction workers, doctors and nurses laid down their tools, business owners closed their shops, and citizens organised demonstrations, historical tours and political workshops in their neighbourhoods.

Moreover, the international call for solidarity and to organise actions in support of the Palestinian general strike issued by Palestinian trade unions was answered massively by trade unions across the world. Numerous trade unions issued solidarity statements and in the Port of Oakland dockworkers refused to unload an Israeli cargo ship. This was not the first general strike organised in Palestine.

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