Multiphysics Modeling for High Brightness LED Light Engines

02-07-2021 from 11:30 to 12:30
online via Teams
Kamal Kaur

NB-Photonics seminar by Dr. Aimi Abass from Lumileds on Multiphysics Modeling for High Brightness LED Light Engines.

Aimi Abass finished his doctorate in Ghent University in 2014 on nanophotonics for solar  cells. He proceeded to do postdoctoral research work in the Theoretical nanooptics group in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology until 2018.  Having become bored in the business of making things as black as possible by absorbing as much light as possible, He went into  Lumileds to accomplish almost the exact opposite of what he has been doing for years, working as a device physics engineer to enhance LEDs. He is always in the lookout to establish collaborations with academic partners and students to recruit for internships.


Technology advancements in lighting, especially LED, are creating tremendous opportunities in the field of light. Lumileds’ breakthrough technologies in this area are built upon deep knowledge and control of multiphysics phenomena, the foundations of which we master with the aid of advanced computational tools. In this talk, we will review our experience of developing and deploying such tools for over a decade now and demonstrate how they have helped us address challenging problems. We will further illustrate cases that highlight the need to continue enhancing computational methods to enable never before possible analysis and design explorations