M-Award from Mediawijs for our 'MobileDNA' in the category 'Mediawijs Research'

(25-09-2020) 'What people say, is not what people do'. Apparently users have difficulties to estimate how much time they spend on their smartphone.

In order to learn to use this technology in a healthier way, it is therefore important to get a grip on our actual smartphone usage. Our MobileDNA app helps by logging what users do on their smartphone.



"At imec-mict-UGent, we think it is very important to give research a final step towards translation in society and we want to do that with this product. We are therefore very pleased that we receive this recognition." - Lieven De Marez says.

Congratulations with this award Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez, dr. Wouter Durnez and Kyle Van Gaeveren!

About the M-awards

The Flemish Knowledge Center for digital and media literacy presents the M-Awards for the fifth time in a row. They honor five organizations in Flanders and Brussels that deal critically and creatively with media and ICT. In this way, they want to give media-wise and digital initiatives more recognition and visibility.

24 projects, in the form of research, teaching activities, educational packages, campaigns, videos ... that highlight an aspect of media literacy, were submitted there candidacy this year. An independent jury nominated 13 finalists, of which five won an M-Award. In addition to this nice award, they also win a training worth 350 EUR.

The jury took into account:

  • the media-wise content of the project: do they deal with the active and creative, critical and conscious use of media, or do they encourage or facilitate this?
  • the social impact
  • the extent to which different partners were involved in the project
  • sustainability: is this a permanent, long-term initiative that can grow with the times?the innovative content.

Because of COVID-19, the presentation did not take place physically this year, but via an online video.


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