Citizens offer social support and tackle the coronacrisis together

(28-05-2020) Together with the digital neighboorhoud network Hoplr, imec-mict-UGent conducted a study to gain insight into civic participation and social support during the corona crisis.

With this study we wanted to take a look at the possible role of ‘the neighbourhood’ and how it might contribute to the mitigation of this crisis. An online survey among 7146 Hoplr users indicated how citizens are generally confident that we can tackle this crisis together. The study also found that citizens are participating in various civic actions during the corona period, such as sewing facemasks. It seems that a strong sense of community and local membership contributes to the engagement in these activities. Furthermore, our respondents feel strongly that they can rely on others during the corona crisis, both for practical and emotional support. However, social risk groups (such as older people and lower income families) report less perceived social support then others. Nonetheless, local social integration and digital neighboorhoud networks such as Hoplr, seem to fulfill an important role in providing social support during these difficult times.


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