Artificial Intelligence (AI) course officially launched

(26-06-2020) Samsung launched this course which originates from the Samsung Digital Economy Day 2019 organized by imec-mict-UGent and the Department of Communication Sciences at UGent.

Samsung has launched its National AI Course providing an accessible curriculum for youngster to learn more about the societal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence. The course consists of eight modules with interactive tracks, cases and movie clips. After completing the sessions, participants will receive a certificate.

The course builds further on the Samsung Digital Economy Day 2019, an initiative of imec-mict-UGent and the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University. The event focused on the challenges of the digital economy and the future of artificial intelligence in particular. Students of Ghent University were encouraged to present their ideas about how technology can enhance social cohesion during the ‘Solve for Tomorrow pitches’.

“Retraining yourself about AI is no longer a right, but has become a duty. After the Digital Economy Day, organized in October 2019 together with Ghent University, Samsung, this time together with the Universiteit van Vlaanderen, wants to further spread knowledge about AI”, says  Tom De Vos, Corporate Marketing Director Benelux at Samsung

imec-mict-UGent is happy to endorse this great initiative to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of artificial intelligence, which is perfectly in line with its own mission to empower people in a digitising society and maximise societal impact of research and education.