Algorithms and AI in a medical context

(08-12-2020) How do Flemish people feel about smart medical algorithms? In Flanders the government invests in multiple AI-opportunities. However, aside from supporting industries, it’s also important to listen to the voices of citizens.

In evermore contexts data is being used to support decision making processes. This is no different in a medical context. Take ADA Health, for example, a system that uses question-based personal data to evaluate if it’s deemed necessary to visit a doctor. IBM Watson is another such tool that helps specialists to analyze oncology data.

What companies do citizens trust with their data? What contexts do they evaluate as appropriate? To answer these questions, we conducted a survey study with 1082 Flemish citizens.

The results of our study (representative for age, gender, and education level) can be consulted in this report (Dutch) and will be presented at the anniversary event of the knowledge center Data & Society on December 8.

More information? Contact: Marijn Martens, dr. Ralf De Wolf or Prof. dr. Tom Evens