ADLIT Method paper wins award

(26-05-2020) There has already been done a lot of research on advertising literacy in children, but because different methods are often used, the results of these studies are difficult to compare.

In this article, we provide an overview of the different methods used in research to measure advertising literacy in children. We take into account the psychological development of the children, and give recommendations on which method is most suitable according to the age of the children.
For this paper, ex-PhD student of Prof. dr. Koen Ponnet won the best paper award!


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Best paper award (American Academy of Advertising). Zarouali, B., de Pauw, P., Ponnet, K., Walrave, M., Poels, K., Cauberghe, V., & Hudders, L. (2019). Considering Children’s Advertising Literacy From a Methodological Point of View: Past Practices and Future Recommendations" - 40(2), 196-213